True Type Freedom.TTF



China has expanded its international influence, but in the internet age - where information is free and accessible to everyone - many of the citizens and foreigners who are living in China are hungry for free flow of information. 


Design of Typeface

We borrowed a series of words that have the same "pinyin" (or pronunciation) in Chinese as "freedom". And list them through the same gate( 門 ), suggesting that freedom comes in different ways and forms and there's always a way to breakthrough. 


The Technical Solution

In order to get people to Freegate easier, we designed online banners containing a glitch. Upon saving these images and opening them as .txt files, an instruction will be shown telling people how to access Freegate.



Art Director: Jane Jin 

Art Director: Laura starace

Art Director: Tudor Cucu




Silver,   Clio Award,  Silver

Finalist,   Future Award 2019

Gold,   Summit International Creative Award 2019

Featured Student Work for July, Ads Of The World 





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